Parent Testimonials For Notre Dame School

The academic preparation students receive at NDS far surpasses what they will get at any other school. They learn public speaking skills early on, starting with kindergarteners speaking in front of hundreds of people during class masses and performances. Not only do children learn about their faith as they participate in weekly mass, but they gain invaluable skills that will carry them far into the future. What’s more, with many schools cutting their extra-curricular programs, NDS gives all the students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, including music, sports and elective programs at the junior high level.

Notre Dame provides a nurturing environment for all children to explore and develop their full potential. Excellent academics, experienced teachers, and a safe, caring atmosphere result in kids who are self-confident and secure both academically and socially. Notre Dame has far exceeded our expectations.

Our school community is like family. We all work together to ensure the ideal learning environment and overall success of each student. As parents participate in many fundraisers, social events, athletic programs, and classroom activities, they form meaningful lifelong friendships. Everyone genuinely cares about the well-being of each other. Whether you are Catholic or non-Catholic, the Notre Dame community is warm, friendly and welcoming to all.

We continue to be impressed with Notre Dame’s commitment to educational programs for technology, music, physical education and the arts. When you combine this with strong academics, community involvement and a long-standing relationship with Chico State programs, our kids receive an incredibly rich, well-rounded educational experience.

Notre Dame’s exemplary junior high academic program is its greatest strength. Our daughters both entered high school well ahead of their contemporaries in math and science, and their English skills were unsurpassed when compared to their public school peers. The strong fundamental skills they received while at NDS have allowed them to excel into college and beyond. The strong emphasis on academics -- not just by the teachers and administration but by other parents as well -- means that students are constantly challenged to be the best that they can be and achieve their fullest potential. That, coupled with the strong emphasis on faith, and being a good person make it a wonderful institution and one that we will always be grateful was available for both our daughters.