“To show great love for God and our neighbors,
it is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful.”

Mother Teresa

Faculty and Staff

Fr. Jason Clark
Fr. Jason Clark,
Terri Schwabauer
Terri Schwabauer,
Linda Nichols
Paul Weber
Associate Superintendent and Regional Director - Catholic School Department
Kari Bertagna
Kari Bertagna,
Office Staff
Linda Nichols
Linda Nichols
Office Staff - Accounting
Shelley Brown
Shelley Brown,
Preschool Director
Serena Hawkley
Serena Hawkley,
Transitional Kindergarten
Serena LaRossa
Caroline Howard,
Cassi Pearce
Cassi Pearce,
First Grade
Cathy Peloso
Cathy Peloso,
Second Grade
Meghan Daschel
Meghan Daschel,
Third Grade
Nicole Meyer
Nicole Meyer,
Fourth Grade
Madeline Wilmott
Madeline Wilmott,
Fifth Grade
Andrew Milani
Andrew Milani,
Sixth Grade
Marie Corley
Marie Corley,
Seventh Grade
Scott Matthews
Scott Matthews,
Eighth Grade
Maureen Matthews
Maureen Matthews,
7th & 8th Math
Vicki Sands
Vicki Sands,
Art and Technology
Ruth Heskett
Ruth Heskett,
Allison Ward
Allison Ward,
Music & Spanish
Kami Smith
Kami Smith,
Physical Education