“To show great love for God and our neighbors,
it is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful.”

Mother Teresa



Notre Dame School incorporates the key components of music education: listening, creating, performing and movement, in addition to studying historical and cultural context. Students in all grade levels (TK-8) receive instruction two to three times per week. The program is designed to develop a foundation in musical expression so that each student is motivated to pursue a deeper musical study. Small ensemble opportunities including string, recorder, hand bell and vocal groups are available on a regular basis. Students frequently play instruments at weekly mass. Guest music teachers and performers are invited occasionally to share their musical skills or teach about music. This includes a partnership with CSU, Chico Musical Theatre Director, Michael Mazur who collaborates with students on a spring musical.


Fine arts and formalized art instruction have always been a part of Notre Dame School. The art curriculum evolves as students’ progress in grade level to cover many different artists as well as the various periods of art, such as Baroque, Classical, Impressionist and Contemporary. Students create art projects using portraits, landscape paintings, perspective drawing, realistic, impressionistic and abstract. Media used includes pencils, markers, soft pastels, oil pastels, conte crayons, and charcoal. Students also learn to use watercolor and tempera paints and sculpt with air-dry clay. Two pieces of each students art work are displayed on the walls of the gym at our annual Fine Arts night. That’s over 400 unique creations on display!


A comprehensive technology program greatly enhances student learning at Notre Dame. Through use of a computer lab, technology lessons are incorporated into classroom curriculum and special projects. Students have mastered the majority of the computer competencies for the High School Exit Exam by their graduation from Notre Dame School.

In 2011, Notre Dame was selected by Renaissance Learning as one of 12 pilot schools that will receive matching grant funds to implement comprehensive, integrated reading and math programs. This program has not only accelerated learning and personal student accountability, but has helped teachers and administrators monitor student progress on an individual level. It also allows parents to link school and home to make reading, writing, and math practice even more effective and give a snapshot of the student's success in the classroom.

Each student in 1st - 8th is given their very own NEO 2. The NEO 2 looks like a computer with a keyboard and screen yet integrates seamlessly with the classroom computers and LCD projectors using NEO Share software. Students stay engaged in learning through their wireless NEO 2 responder to take Accelerated Reader Quizzes, writing assessments, and practice math facts. Teachers will be able to see how their class is performing immediately as a group and how students are performing individually as learning is taking place in real time. Additionally, all students are given keyboarding lessons, essential in today's computing world, and training to navigate the device. Renaissance Home Connect gives parents a direct connection to the classroom. Parents can log on from home computers and students and parents can receive instant updates on progress toward reading and math goals in English or Spanish.

Physical Education

Our motto: You’re not fully educated until you are physically educated!

Beginning in Kindergarten, students develop motor skills and physical fitness concepts that foster lifelong healthy lifestyles. Physical activities are undertaken in a caring, supportive atmosphere. Standards-based teaching and positive motivation help all students enjoy physical education at Notre Dame School.

Highlights include:

  • Curriculum of physical education games, cooperative games, lead up activities and sports-related games that include basketball, football, soccer, hockey, dance, lacrosse, Frisbee and more.
  • A strong emphasis placed on responsible personal and social behavior while engaged in physical activity.
  • Partnership programs with Chico State Kinesiology Department
  • Sports electives for Junior High