Notre Dame Annual Fund

The quality of education at Notre Dame comes with significant cost – one that is not fully covered by tuition. The Annual Fund campaign helps us raise additional funds each year to continue to offer outstanding student programs. Your Gift matters! Support for our Annual Fund can only come with an understanding of its purpose

What Is The Annual Fund Campaign?

The Annual Fund is simply a program that consistently invites donations from the various communities that make up Notre Dame School.

Who Will Be Giving To The Annual Fund Campaign?

It is necessary to begin the Annual Fund Campaign with those people who best understand and support the mission of the school; namely, the teachers, Advisory Commission members, and parents. However, the ultimate purpose of the Annual Fund is to broaden the base of financial support for the school by inviting contributions from the friends of the school, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, parishioners, and the community-at-large.

Why Do We Need The Annual Fund? Isn't This Like The Other Fundraisers We Do?

Annual Fund proceeds assist in meeting the ordinary, and hopefully "extra" ordinary, costs of operating the school. The Annual Fund was organized with the following goals in mind:

Currently, the per-pupil cost of educating a child at Notre Dame School is $5,497. Tuition for the first child in a Catholic family is $4,850, but the average per pupil tuition paid after families receive the tuition credit for multiple children is $3,665. This difference of $1,832 per student must be met to maintain a balanced budget. Maintaining the programs and staff that we have through tuition and fundraisers alone presents an increasingly difficult burden for most families.

Fundraisers that involve selling a product are important to the school. However, the relationship between the school and the persons who purchase the product is not affected in any way, if indeed, there is a relationship. In an Annual Fund Campaign, the relationship between the potential donor and the school is of paramount importance. The money raised is important in that it is necessary to ensure the fiscal health of the school.

Do Parents Not Have Enough Of A Financial Burden With Tuition?

Overwhelmingly, yes. For the parents, the level or percentage of participation, not the actual dollar amount raised, is the most important aspect of the Annual Fund. The parents' support of the Annual Fund is a visible sign to the greater community of their commitment to and belief in the work of the school. This show of commitment invites involvement from other people, which is the ultimate goal of the Annual Fund.

Is It Not Odd For A Catholic Elementary School To Be Involved In Philanthropic Giving?

The Diocese of Sacramento has encouraged such programs for its elementary schools for many years. The Annual Fund lays the groundwork for more extensive giving in the future.

How Will The Money Be Used And Will The Money Stay In The School?

The Annual Fund is designed to generate $85,000 of unrestricted funds to be used in the areas of greatest need. This year, a small portion of the money generated from the Annual Fund will be used to provide tuition assistance to needy families, but the remainder will bridge the gap between the actual cost of education and the amount of money collected from tuition and fundraising efforts.

The Annual Fund recognizes that parents alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of providing a Catholic education for their children. There is a wonderful community of concerned individuals who have benefited in the past from Catholic education and many who will one day want to send their children to a Catholic school. These people are willing to assist and support the school. They will never reach into their pockets unless they are invited to do so. It is up to us to support and issue that invitation through the Annual Fund Campaign.