Financial Matters

Fees And Tuition


There is an annual registration fee of $285 per child. This is a non-refundable fee and must be paid before school starts unless payments have been arranged through the principal.

Technology Fee

An annual Technology fee of $50. Per Tk-2nd grade student and $150 fee per student in grades 3rd-8th. Due at the time of registration.

Parent Teacher Organization Membership Fees: $25 per year, payable to Notre Dame P.T.O.


Notre Dame School charges tuition that does not cover the full cost of the school’s operating expenses. Tuition for a Catholic child in grades Transitional Kindergarten through 8th is $5,680 per year, non-Catholic students' tuition is $6,430. with discounts for additional siblings. "cost per child is $6,800. All families are asked to pay the actual cost if they are able to do so.. The difference in the tuition rate and the actual cost is met by school and parish families participating in extra fundraising projects. In addition to tuition, parents agree to complete 45 volunteer hours (30 if single parent); attend four P.T.O. meetings and pay the P.T.O. fee. Parents are also strongly encouraged to support the Scrip program.

Tuition rates vary depending on catholic or non-Catholic, and willingness to participate as a parent volunteer. Tuition assistance is available for eligible families. Contact the school at 530- 342-2502 for more information.

Tuition Payment Options

ONE PAYMENT PLAN: All of your family tuition is paid directly to the school by August 1 of the current school year.

TWO PAYMENT PLAN: One half of your family tuition is paid directly to the school by August and the other half due in January of the current school year.

QUARTERLY PLAN: One quarter of your family tuition is paid via FACTS Tuition Management in the months of August, November, February and May of the current school year.

TEN/ELEVEN PAYMENTS: Beginning August and ending in June, monthly payments are made via the FACTS Tuition Management plan.

Tuition Rates

The following rates are for children who attend school from 8:12 AM to 3:00 PM. Rate does NOT include EXTENSION.

Kinder - 8 Parent Participation Commitment

1 Child (10 mo.) 2 Children (10 mo.) 3 Children (10 mo.) 4 Children (10 mo.)
Catholic $5,680 (568.00) $10,240 (1024.00) $13,565 (1,356.50) $15,780 (1,578.00)
Non-Catholic $6,430 (643.00) $11,715 (1,171.00) $15,750 (1,575.00) $18,690 (1,869.00)

Parents Hours: Families that do not participate in Parent Hours will be charged an additional $1000. no participation fee to their FACTS account.

Tuition assistance is available to qualified families. Notre Dame is committed to working with families who qualify for assistance, based on financial need. The amount of aid allotted is limited, so be sure to apply as early as possible. It is our desire to turn no worthy students away for financial reasons, and we will do all in our power to ensure this.